One of the UK's most experienced trainers of therapists, who has worked with Addicts and their partners for over 15 years, and now passes on her knowledge and experience in training, supervision and therapy

Principal Director

I have worked as a Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist for 33 years, and, over the last 27 years, have trained literally thousands of people to work as both face to face and as online counsellors & therapists. I recently lectured on a University of Hull accredited course in Doncaster and Edinburgh, working at Masters level with trained counsellors who are extending & developing their skills. I have also worked as an online Sex and Relationship Expert on the Pfizer sponsored ‘ManMOT’ website, and I currently work as an online Consultant to Relate.

Over the years I have contributed to numerous media articles and appeared on National TV and radio as a sex and Relationship Expert.

As a Therapist and Supervisor, I have worked with Relate (The UK’s largest provider of relationship therapy), for the NHS for 15 years, and also in Private Practice.

In the NHS, I trained and worked with a variety of addictions and this experience led to my interest in working with people with sex addiction. In this field I have been able to combine my expertise in working with addictions and in working with sexual problems.  I have worked with sex addiction in my private practice for almost ten years, and also supervise therapists working with sex addicted clients. I work therapeutically both face to face and online .

I am also an experienced EMDR Therapist, specializing in using EMDR to work with sex addiction related to trauma.

In addition I have worked for over 16 years with the Welfare services of the Army, Marines and RAF and so have also developed insights into the problems that couples and families have when faced with living as “ex-pats” and living with frequent work-enforced separation, including the development of sex addiction, mainly associated with online activities.

When the Institute for Learning was launched, I was awarded Fellowship status in recognition of “ Outstanding Contribution to Higher Education”.

I am delighted to be offering this established accredited course in Working with Sex Addiction, which will focus on working with individuals and couples, and to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience through this training course.