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Understanding & Recognising Sex Addiction 21st September 2019

Understanding & Recognising Sex Addiction

This CPD workshop will provide counsellors and psychotherapists with a clear understanding of sex addiction. It will enable delegates to assess whether clients have “out of control sexual behaviour” and for the delegates to understand the underlying issues that may lead to this condition. Assessment, referral and ongoing work will also be discussed.


  • To provide a definition of sex addiction 
  • To provide an understanding of the cycle of addiction
  • To understand and recognise the types and levels of sex addiction
  • To help therapists to understand the roots of sex addiction
  • To consider ethical and legal issues
  • To help delegates understand and use assessment tools for sex addiction
  • To use assessment tools to support clients in identifying if there is “sex addiction” problem or if the client is using “risky” behaviours
  • To provide an overview of some treatment options
  • To provide counsellors with interventions to support clients going through sexual addiction treatment 
  • The day will include tutor input, group work and the opportunity to practice some of the skills described. Cost for this CPD event is £75